Property Tax Appeals

property tax appeal

Paying Too Much For NJ Property Taxes?

Often times, homeowners are paying property taxes that are too high, in relation to other comparable properties in their area. Many homeowners are not aware that they may be entitled to a reduction in their property taxes. We can appeal your property assessment in an effort to get your property taxes reduced.

Filing Deadline

The filing deadline to file a NJ property tax appeal is generally, April 1st of the tax year. (January 15 for Monmouth County)

Will There Be a Hearing?

Once a NJ property tax appeal is filed, a hearing will be schedule by the county tax board.  However, it is often the case where the tax assessor and municipal attorney offer to settle on a revised property assessment.  If the matter is resolved by way of settlement, than the hearing will still take place, but the home owner will not have to attend.

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