You Were Charged With DWI/DUI In NJ, Now What?

Some of the penalties resulting from DWI/DUI are loss of license, fines and possibly jail time.  How long you loose your license for depends on certain factors such as: Your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) reading; Whether or not you have prior DWI/DUI convictions; Whether or not there was an accident involved and other factors.  (See full NJ DWI Statute)

Should You Get An Attorney?

Some of the fines and penalties have minimums and maximums.  Having an attorney handle your case can greatly benefit you.  Your attorney can most likely get you the minimums for fines and penalties.  In some cases you may be able to win your case with the charges being dismissed, or a not guilty verdict in the case of a trial.  Even if there are no grounds to successfully challenge the charges at a trial, having an attorney can lessen thefines and penalties that might otherwise be imposed if you do not have effective representation. 

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